Beading Frenzy

This cute little number is so easy that you can make one to go with every outfit in your closet. It is a perfect piece for that breezy sun dress and can be worn as a bracelet or anklet.

You can use any size, shape, color beads you want. And you can make it have as many strands as you want. You can even make a few dangly charms to hang from it, as I did on this one, it is optional.

This is also a great craft project for the kiddo’s to join in on and they will need very little assistance.

So, lets gather the supplies we will need, and the kiddo’s if you want them to join in and lets get beading….

You will need headpins, eye-pins, and jump-rings which you can buy at most craft stores. I uploaded some pics so you could see the packaging and the product.

You will need headpins

As you can see, the headpins have a flat head on the top. You will want to use these when you don’t want to add anything else to the bead, such as another bead hanging from this particular bead.

You will need eye-pins

And here, the eye-pin has an eye, sort of like a needle. You will use this to add your bead to another bead or other part of the project.

You will need jump-rings

Jump rings open and close so you can attach different parts of a project together.

You will also need beads. Any kind you want, I buy a big container of mixed glass beads for these types of projects. And, again, most craft stores will have them.

We will be making these bracelets today with memory wire. This is a wire that is round and you can cut any number of strands you want. The wire holds its shape, thus it is called memory wire. As you can see, it is one continuous wire and you can just cut off what you want to use.

You will need flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and wire gutters. You can buy them separately or sometimes you can find them in a set. You may already have some laying around the house, but these are small ones, it makes it easier to handle the jewelry pieces, which are usually quite small.

Now, we can start to assemble our bracelet.

First we are going to cut our memory wire. As you can see here, I left about an inch and a half of overhang on each side. This is so the bracelet does not open up and fall off.

Now we are going to take our round nose pliers and bend one end of the memory wire to make a loop, to stop the beads from falling off as we add them. We will not make a loop on the other end of the wire until all the beads are on the wire.

You can see here that I have left enough room at the end of the wire to make our other loop.

Now that you have your both ends of the wire closed with a loop, we can add things to the loop. I inserted a bead here to demonstrate. Now we are going to learn how to make this bead to hang on our bracelet.

You will need your round-nose pliers and your wire cutter along with a jump-ring, and eye-pin, and any bead you choose for this part of the project. As you can see, I have demonstrated how the jump-ring wring opens in his pic.

Now we are going to add our bead to our eye-pin and bend the long end of the eye-pin straight back flush with the opening of the bead. Make sure the bead is also flush with the opening on the eye-pin.

Using your round-nose pliers, grasp the wire and bend it back over the pliers.

Using your wire cutters, snip the end of the wire, making sure to have enough wire left to make our loop.

Now, finish making the loop like we did on the memory wire ends.

Open your jump-ring using your needle-nose and your round nose pliers.

Add the bead to the jump-ring as shown.

And now add the jump-ring and bead to one end of the bracelet using the loops we made in the memory wire when we first started, and close the jump-ring using your pliers. Make sure there is no gap in the jump-ring when it is closed or the bead may slip back off the bracelet. And repeat this step for the other end of the memory wire so you will have beads dangling from each end.

This is where your headpin comes in. You will repeat the steps of adding your bead to your eye-pin, only use the headpin. Then repeat the steps of adding the jump-ring and add the finished headpin bead to the first bead you added and complete both sides.

As you can see here, one of the beads I used only required adding a jump-ring and not using eye-pins or headpins. I added this in in-case your bead mix had a few of these you wanted to use.

And that is how you make a memory wire bracelet. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me.

Please do leave a comment in the comment section to let me know how it turned out, and feel free to leave me a picture of your finished piece, I would love to share it on my blog.

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