Valentine Ornaments on the Cheap

This blog post is great for those of you who love Valentines Day, but hate the expense that goes with it. Buying gifts for those you love can get expensive, so show them you really love them and thought about each one of them with handmade gifts. Or use these to decorate you own home. This one is a great family craft, get the kiddo’s involved, let them make these for their friends and those they love. Even making these for yourself to adorn a lamp or hang on a door nob, or hang in the window to get you in the spirit.

All you will need are some magazines (which you probably already have laying around the house), scissors, glue (I used mod podge), a small paintbrush for spreading the glue, and string (I used twine). You may want to work on parchment or wax paper to keep from getting the glue everywhere (definitely if the kids are involved). So, you see this is a pretty affordable craft, and great for teachers with younger students. Please feel free to pass this one on if you have any teacher friends or friends with kiddos.


I cut out a bunch of squares from magazines with colors that reminded me of Valentines day.

Magazine squares

Then I stacked the squares on top of one another,

Stacked Squares

and, folded them in half.

Folded squares

And, as you can see, this is the backside of the squares. Now, I cut out the heart shape from the folded edge.

Squares after cutting

And, this is what we end up with. And, aren’t they adorable. You can find any colors you want in magazines.

Now, the assembling of the ornaments. This is where it all comes together and is a lot of fun, and a little (maybe a lot) messy…..

It’s time to get out the twine and cut a 4-5 inch piece. And get the glue (which ever one you may have chosen), and the paintbrush. And, choose the hearts you wish to use (two per ornament). I like to do each side a different color.

You will want to turn them over so that the side you want to show is face down. Now, brush both hearts with glue (open the lid to the glue bottle and dip your brush in the glue like you were painting, the glue comes out way to fast if you squeeze an you get way to much glue), just a thin amount and make sure to get all the way to the edge, then, lay each end of the string on one heart.

Now, press both of the glued sides of the heart together, matching them around the edges, being sure to press firmly so the string is secured.

And here you have your Valentine ornament. Aren’t the decorative and festive. Kinda puts you in the mood for love….

This project is also helping keep those magazines out of landfills. I love to make recycle projects.

I hope you will try this easy project, either as a way to have some alone time to create, or as family time and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please feel free to post a pic of your finished product in the comment section at the bottom of the page, I would love to see what you created…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Tammy says:

    These are so cute! Can’t wait to make them with my kids. They may make one for each kid in their classes, or at least all their teachers.


    1. Oh Snap! says:

      Oh, please post pics!! I would love to see them! And it is so much fun going through magazines looking for just the right things to cut out.


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