If you are like me, I always have a candle or two burning around my house. I love the scent and the ambiance of a burning candle. So, several years ago, I started making my own because you can create your own scent, size, color, ect. I also found it to be more cost effective.

I did, however, find there were scents that I thought I would like that I did not, and wasted quite a bit of my product. So, I decided I needed a way to test my product before making a giant candle.

This is what I came up with. I have a plug in wax burner that I used all the time, and do more so now that I have discovered this trick.

I simple put some of my soy wax in the burner, let it melt and add the scents that I think I may like (this one was a tester of my next candle, Lavender, Orange) . After a bit, when I start to smell the aroma, I can choose to love it, and make a giant candle, or leave it and only waste about a tablespoon of my product…. I choose to love this one, it will be my next blog post. Stay tuned!!!

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