It’s a little Shady in here!!

Do you ever just want to make something pretty to add a little something to a room?? Well, I do. I was sitting in the living room of my tiny cottage and realized my lamp shades were so dull, so that’s what I decided to start with. This can add splash of color without having to change the whole room.

So, I knew I would need fabric but wanted to try and up-cycle or re-purpose my DIY, so I went digging through my closet and found a dress that I bought because I loved the color, but wasn’t fond of the way it fit, and the inspiration began.

I went to pinterest in search of a how to video and found many, but decided to try my own technique with bits and pieces of what I found. Now, I am going to pass my tricks and tips on to you.

This was not a quick project, so be sure to allow for time. You can do this in steps if you need to break and do the day to day things we all have to do, so lets get started.

You will need: Fabric, a marker, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, foil, bias tape, and of course a lamp shade.


Pull off a piece of tin foil about 2 inches longer than the shade. Press the foil from the top of the shade to the bottom and press with your hands to make an imprint of the indention of one section of the shade.

Then cut around the indention and go out about a half inch farther than the actual indention. You will want to press the foil flat with your hands, this will be your pattern for your fabric.

Lay the fabric you choose out and place the foil on your fabric, then trace the foil with a marker onto the fabric. I had 8 sections in my lamp, so I had to repeat this 8 times.

Now that you have all of your sections cut out, we will start gluing them into place until the lamp shade is covered.

Using your glue gun, run a strip of glue around the top of your lamp shade in the section you are going to start with. and press the fabric onto the glue, leaving a little extra at the top (about 1/4 of an inch).

Then you will run a strip of glue down each side of the section, at the seems, pull fabric gently to tighten it as you press both sides of the fabric to the seems.

Then you will do the same at the bottom of the shade.

Repeat this step until the shade is covered.

Hint: This is a good spot to stop for that break we talked about earlier.

Notes: Don’t worry if your fabric over laps and you have some extra at the seems after you glue them down, you can go back with scissors and trim it up later.

You now have extra fabric at the top and bottom of your shade that you will need to trim off.

Next we will apply the bias tape. It is time consuming and you want to take your time to make sure the strips end up straight. Also, the glue can get a little messy here, so do take your time.

Cut your strips of bias tape the length of your shade with about 1/4 inch extra on top and bottom (you will trim any extra off later).

Apply the glue to each side of the seam and gently press the bias tape onto the glue. I started at the top and pressed down ward to the bottom of the shade, guiding the bias tape as I went.

Now, all your seams are covered and you are going to move to the top of the shade.

Run a strip of glue around the top of the shade (about 1/4 of an inch from the top) and open your bias tape and apply one side of the tape to the glue, all the way around the shade. You will need to work with the tape to make sure it doesn’t pucker because you are going to repeat this process on the inside of the shade.

Next we will apply our glue on the inside of the shade, fold the bias tape over and press it to the glue, pulling it snug over the shade.

There will be a little puckering because of the wires running across the shade, but just press firmly and be sure to stretch the bias tape as tough as you can.

And repeat this process on the bottom of the shade. It is a little easier on the bottom because you wont have to do around the wires as you did at the top.

And now, you have gone from this…

To this…

As you can see, we have totally changed the look of this lamp shade with some of our handy up-cycling, re-purposing, DIY can do..

Don’t be afraid, give it a go and let your imagination run wild.

Be sure to drop a comment in the section below, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank’s ya’ll, have a great day and happy handmade lamp shade makin to ya…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. atroxler says:

    Oh, I applaud you! In my heart I want to be crafty! In my head, I’m too easily distracted! Lol


    1. Oh Snap! says:

      Aw! Thanks. You can always do crafts in steps and take breaks. Sometimes I work on something for several days. Give it a try!


  2. Tammy says:

    What a cute lamp! Great idea using the dress for your fabric. When our daughter outgrows clothing with cute patterns, I’ll be sure to think about crafts before I send them out the door!


    1. Oh Snap! says:

      Absolutely! You can do so many things with clothes you are going to get rid of.


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