DIY Cleaning Wipes

Got a little DIY, re-cycling goin on here! No, we are not drinking coffee (but we should be). We are using our empty coffee container to use as storage for our handmade wipes. Yes, I love very dark roast coffee!!! And, no, I am not affiliated with Folgers in any way, it is just the coffee I am addicted to.


So, when you have emptied your container, wash it out and it is ready to use. Just cut a roll of paper towels in half (set them in the canister and mark where you need to cut), then place them in the canister. Next, fill the canister with about a cup of whatever cleaner you choose (you know I choose my handmade, all natural, all purpose cleaner). Let the paper towels and the cardboard center soak up the cleaner.


While the cleaner is being absorbed, go ahead and cut an x in the lid of the container for the paper towels to be pulled through.  


Next, pull out the cardboard center and pull out a paper towel from the center of the roll. You can feel the dampness of the cleaner. 


And last, pull the paper towel through the x you have cut in the container and you are ready to wipe. I love these handy wipes. You can if you want, decorate your container by simply spray painting it to match your kitchen and leave them out on the counter for easy access. 

Note: use good paper towels, the thin ones don’t come out of the container to easy. And, save the other half of the paper towel roll to refill when empty. 

Keep watching for other cleaning DIY tips and tricks.

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