OMG!!! I am so excited to share this with my wonderful friends!! I have been working on making handmade cleaners (my sons idea), and I have come up with some very effective, safe, healthy alternatives to store bought cleaners. I absolutely love these products, and so will you!

I love them so much, in fact, that I am going to share them with the rest of you by selling them in my newly opened Etsy Shop. You can check it out here!!!

My cleaning products are made with all natural ingredients that we can all feel safe about using them in our homes. These cleaners have no harsh chemicals, and are non-toxic. With ingredients like castile soap, essential oils, real fruit juices, how can you go wrong??? I dare say, you can not!

The product on the left is a 16 oz. bottle of all natural, handmade, citrus, all purpose cleaner. It is a wonderful concoction of Castile soap, essential oils and real lemon juice, and is a safe, healthy, and effective way to clean your home. This product smells absolutely amazing and makes your surfaces shine.

The one on the right is a 4 oz. highly concentrated refill of the same product. So, when you empty one bottle, you simply add 12 oz. of water to your sprayer and add the 4 oz. bottle to the water, shake and spray. This one I designed for my love of re-cycling so all the plastic spray bottles do not end up in landfills. You can simply re-use the original bottle.

There is also a Lovely Lavender scent available at this time.

I hope you will come join me in my shop!